Jalaluddin Rahmat Clarification accusation Shia Jokowi

April 26th, 2014

Jakarta – The outbreak of the issues surrounding Shia presidential candidate (candidates ) Joko Widodo or Jokowi assessed deliberately blown by his political opponents . The purpose of black campaign to throw it to frame the issue of personal Jokowi with libel .

The statement issued by Jalaluddin Rahmat or Kang Jalal is a national leader of the Shia sect in a press conference at the Taman Ismail Marzuki , Jakarta , Friday 25 April 2014 .

Kang Jalal told the press conference that was intended to clarify the above allegations kesyiahannya Jokowi .

” Connecting with Shia Jokowi an act childish and unethical in pursuance of a healthy political education for the people of Indonesia , ” said Kang jalal .

According to Kang Jalal , first when Jokowi forward as a candidate for governor ( cagub ) , Jokowi political opponents attacked him by asking his mother Jokowi a Christian; issue .

He warned that black campaign efforts actually even benefit those who defamed his good name . Kang Jalal pointed out , he could instead pocketed 39 thousand sound thanks to the smear campaign that spread to the villages by his enemies .

” Thanks to the negative campaign that I was able to Senayan because I have even more well known by the public , ” he said .

According to the current character of the people of Indonesia in terms of choosing leaders consider more aspects of the character’s popularity . He pointed out, Dede Yusuf won 142 939 votes because he’s famous .

” I am increasingly popular because shia me , ” he said

The initial purpose of the campaign is the decay black , but that goal is not always successful as desired . Moreover, Indonesian society today more intelligent assess the dynamics of the nation .

Kang Jalal explains , her goal going into politics on purpose to protect the minorities such as Shia , Ahmadiyah and beliefs that exist in the Republic of Indonesia .

He pointed out , attempts decay addressed to him in the legislative elections is an early episode , while the actual episode is the presidential election .

” Shia was vulnerable , so they are selling Jokowi issue a Shiite , ” Kang said Jalal .

Meanwhile Emilia Renita Az , Jalaluddin Rahmat wife who also spoke at the press conference , said the emergence of the issue stems from Jokowi shia picture of herself with Megawati at the Proclamation Monument . The picture was uploaded by Emilia into facebook account . Shia herself and her husband with personal Jokowi .

” I deliberately talked to clarify Jokowi is not a Shiite , ” said Emilia .

Jalaluddin Rahmat and Renita Az Emilia speaks at a press conference held by Jokowers community . They spoke at a press conference the first session . Who speak a second session is Admin Group 1 Million Seed Facebooker Chandra , Dadan Hamdani and Kholik

Team Dismisses Defamation Jokowers Panasbung

April 26th, 2014

JAKARTA – Deklarator Jokowi Lovers ( Jokowers ) denies a growing issue in the social media that Jokowi nothing to do with the flow of the Shia . Though rumored that Shia flow is Jalaluddin Rahmat PDI candidates Dapil Jabar II .

He also mentioned that when he was elected President Jokowi will be mandated as Minister of Religion . To be sure he thought long condemned by political rivals dai II electoral district of West Java was chosen instead .

While the figure is confirmed Sugiharto Jokowi , during On the mayoral election in solo , 90% of people choose Jokowi became mayor of Solo Solo. It was said almost all people accept the presence Jokowi . So also in the legislative elections in Jakarta surge and let Jokowi nominate President .

Further disclosed Sugiharto Coordinator Jokowi Lovers ( Jokowers ) , jokowib should be a candidate because no other candidate has a figure like Jokowi more pleased with simplicity . While other presidential much experience one day will be revealed and can interfere with the performance of president if elected .

Further described Dadan Hamdani , Deklarator Jokowers against slander Panasbung and Panastak , considered untrue although the poem fadli Zon catapult the issue of the term virtual duniab forces panasbung , impressive Jokowi was perceived as supporters , mobilized , managed , and headed by a Firm Named Tunggual Jasmev .

However affirmed Dadan , it is not like supporting Jokowi blamed . Though the words Panasbung and Panastak in cyberspace is not a new term has been known since the war but of digital . Previous cyber warfare in terms Cicak Vs Crocodile . dedy mulyadi

Haters Behind Jokowi Jokowers Accuses as Panasbung

April 26th, 2014

Jakarta : Jokowi neither Jokowers Lovers , lovers group designations for Joko Widodo , hit back at the ” haters ” of the presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party ( PDI ) Struggle . Jokowers accused , even the haters Jokowi Haters aka Jokowi – lah as troops rice packets ( panasbung ) .

” In 21 to 22 April 2014 we did some research by taking a sample of 300 accounts that do not favor Jokowi but go into Jokowi Lovers , like Jokowers Group , Jokowers Indonesia , Volunteer Jokowi President , and Jokowi my president , ” said a member of Jokowers , Dadan Hamdani , in press conference at the Gallery Cafe , Taman Ismail Marzuki , Cikini Jalan Raya , Cikini , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) .

The result , according to Cyber ??Media activists , two -thirds of the 300 account that has a tendency to address Internet Protocol ( IP ) is concentrated . He was found about seven to nine IP parent . ” That means , instead concentrated Haters Jokowi actors , ” said Dadan .

According to Dada , doing research Jokowers very simple . They trace the IP of each account and find in many IP uniformity Jokowi Haters account . Dadan believes all accounts it is a supporter of presidential candidate Gerindra , Prabowo , and PKS . ” We believe as Prabowers and PeKaeSers , ” said Dadan .

Dadan accused , Vice Chairman Gerindra Fadli Zon conduct public deception by throwing Panasbung issue . ” Account Prabowo defenders who actually entered the chamber and canal Panasbung , ” said Dadan .

Explanation “Jokowers” about Panasbung

April 26th, 2014

JAKARTA – Supporters of presidential candidate PDI – P Joko Widodo who calls himself Jokowi Lovers or Jokowers denied allegations that consider themselves cyber mercenary army troops aka rice packets ( panasbung ) .

” There is a presidential candidate who accused about panasbung to support Jokowi recklessly and tendentious . Through his poetry Fadli Zon catapult the issue of cyberspace forces and panasbung ( read : Fadli Zon said sarcastically Fake Accounts with Poetry ” Rice Force Wrap ” ) . Fact Jokowi not support one group , but multigerakan , either in cyberspace or through direct action . soon as massive and heterogeneous , “said Dadan Hamdani one Jokowers in Jakarta , Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) .

According to former Facebooker Admin Group 1 Million Seed Chandra , the birth of a healthy Jokowers a fanatical support for Jokowi considered exemplary figure worthy .

” Since the beginning of January Jokowers appears composed of many groups page and Jokowers from Bekasi , Purwakarta , Lampung , Semarang and North Sumatra , ” he said .

Poncho Budi , a Jokowers another express , on social networking site Facebook there ‘s a group of about 600 supporters and 100 Jokowi ‘s fan page or page group that supports multivariate Jokowi .

” Supporting Jokowi very varied . Jokowi There Supporter candidates , Jokowi candidates , vice presidential Jokowi , Jokowi JK , Jokowi Ahok , and so on , ” he said .

According Poncho , some support groups Jokowi initiative comes from individuals who are in love with the figure Jokowi .

However , he said , not all accounts pro – Jokowi pitched really supporting Jokowi . The results of his research from 21-22 April 2014 to 300 pro – pitched account Jokowi have actually contain content that is opposite . The accounts were , for instance , Group Jokowers , Jokowers Indonesia , Volunteer Jokowi President , and Jokowi my president .

” ( The accounts were unopposed) aka Jokowi siding apart , ” said Poncho .

With a reliable software that thinks , poncho found two -thirds of the account has an IP ( Internet Protocol ) is concentrated . There are 7-9 IP master .

” This research is very simple . Turns respectively denote the same IP account , ” he said again .

In other words , Poncho said , the haters Jokowi account and managed to Be is concentrated in a few places with hundreds of troops and devices .

Clashes Roil Istanbul as World Marks May Day

May 2nd, 2013

LONDON — Police in Istanbul have clashed with May Day demonstrators. The protestors were trying to reach the main square, where a planned demonstration had been banned. Elsewhere in Europe, May Day rallies were peaceful.

In Istanbul, police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse demonstrators.

The government had banned a rally in Taksim Square, which is undergoing renovation. They said the ban was for security reasons, and clashes began after hundreds of people tried to bypass barricades around the square.

Ercan Karakas, a member of main opposition Republican People’s Party, was there. He said May Day has been celebrated peacefully before by thousands of people and no one suffered, because May Day celebrations were not prohibited by the government. Prohibition, he said, always leads to clashes.

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What’s next for this year’s Oscar winners?

February 26th, 2013

You’ve reached the pinnacle of your profession and have been given the ultimate accolade from your peers. Now what?

Some Oscar winners go on to long and busy careers, while other fade into obscurity (Beatrice Straight’s win for “Network” and F. Murray Abraham’s prize for “Amadeus” unfortunately didn’t bring them many grade-A roles). So what’s in store for last night’s victors?

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Deep Inside a Study of 10000 Porn Stars

February 24th, 2013

Deep Inside - A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars

For the first time, a massive data set of 10,000 porn stars has been extracted from the world’s largest database of adult films and performers. I’ve spent the last six months analyzing it to discover the truth about what the average performer looks like, what they do on film, and how their role has evolved over the last forty years.

* * *
‘Without any mental deliberation, picture the average female porn star. Just let her spring into your mind’s eye looking however she looks. Can you see her?’

I had bumped into a friend who I’d not seen in a while and this was the first question I asked him. He didn’t realise at the time that I’d been in self-imposed smutty exile for an untold number of weeks, working on the largest study of porn stars ever undertaken, and now I was out and eager to spread the news.

‘Erm, yeah, I suppose,’ he said.

‘What does she look like?’ I asked, struggling to hide my smile.

When he replied by saying ‘a blonde with big boobs’, I must admit I relished the opportunity to lean in, let the grin spread across my tired face, and say ‘That’s what everyone says. And in fact, it’s wrong’.

‘Oh,’ he said, after I explained how I knew what the average porn star actually looks like, as well as what her name probably is, how many films she’s most likely done and the probability of her having a tattoo or body piercing.

‘So you’ve spent all this time watching hundreds of porn movies?’

‘No,’ I said. ‘I’ve spent all this time analysing the demographic profiles and filmographies of ten thousand adult performers. There is a difference.’

‘I see’, he then said. ‘And how, dare I ask, does one go about doing that?’

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